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Meyer Built Custom Homes
Typically prospective home owners have purchased a lot and have a blueprint of their desired home, however this is not a requirement and we are happy to assist you in selecting your future home site as well as putting you in touch with the professionals who will help you draw your plans. A prospective home owner will also have a forecasted budget and a pre-qualification letter from an approved lender.

We recommend BB&T Mortgage but are willing to work with your lender as well. Please visit our financing section for details.

Once you have acquired blueprints, a formal bid is made outlining the specs and potential contract. Then after the contract has been ratified and financing arranged a building permit is obtained which takes approximately 1 to 4 weeks. Once that has been completed we are ready to begin construction.

If you would like to have customized plans drawn by a certified draftsman please contact
Dave Guy

You are invited to meet with the builder at various stages of the of the process to provide an opportunity to discuss and review possible change orders and address any questions.

You are welcome to visit the site at any time during the build.